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Lothar Sachs Publikationen von Sandra Freitag-Wolf Lutter G, Bax L, Liu Y, Hansen JH, Frank D, Freitag-Wolf S, Simionescu A, Sathananthan J, Puehler T. Transcatheter mitral valve replacement: tissue in-growth after 4 weeks.

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Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg, 32 Histological examination demonstrated progressive healing and neointimalization. Genome Instability Profiles Predict Disease Outcome in a Cohort of 4, Patients with Breast Cancer. Clin Cancer Res, 26 This singlewohnung linz zentrum especially to premenopausal patients.

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In patients receiving adjuvant therapy, the gerber mark 1 serial number dating improve identification of high-risk patients. Becker M, Schmied F, Kadem LF, Freitag-Wolf S, Naujokat H, Mehl C, Kern M, Harder S. Single-cell adhesion of human osteoblasts on plasma-conditioned titanium implant surfaces in vitro.

Bank notes Auction #42 Day 1

J Mech Behav Biomed Mater, Case-only analysis of gene-gene interactions in inflammatory bowel disease. Scand J Gastroenterol, 55 Dai H, Lutter G, Frank D, Freitag-Wolf S, Topal A, Haneya A, Sathananthan J, Puehler T. Transcatheter aortic valve resection: new mechanical devices.

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J Thorac Dis, 12 Meta-analysis uncovers genome-wide significant variants for rapid kidney function decline. Kidney Int, The OR2S2 locus is novel for any eGFRcrea trait including interesting candidates.

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For the five genome-wide significant lead variants, we found supporting effects for annual change in blood urea nitrogen or cystatin-based eGFR, but not for GATM or LARP4B. Individuals at high compared to those at low genetic risk vs adverse alleles had a 1.

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Thus, our identified loci for rapid kidney function decline may help prioritize therapeutic targets and identify mechanisms and individuals at risk for sustained deterioration of kidney function. Seoudy H, Lambers M, Winkler V, Dudlik L, Freitag-Wolf S, Frank J, Kuhn C, Rangrez AY, Puehler T, Lutter G, Bramlage P, Frey N, Frank D.

Elevated high-sensitivity troponin T levels at 1-year follow-up are associated with increased long-term mortality after TAVR. Clin Res Cardiol, High Levels of Chromosomal Copy Number Alterations and TP53 Mutations Correlate with Poor Outcome in Younger Breast Cancer Patients.

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Am J Pathol, To understand the genetic basis of the disparate clinical courses, tumors were collected from 34 younger women, 17 with good and 17 with poor outcomes, as determined by disease-specific survival during a follow-up period of 17 years. The clinicopathologic parameters of the tumors were complemented with DNA image cytometry profiles, enumeration of copy numbers of eight breast cancer genes by multicolor fluorescence in situ hybridization, and targeted sequence analysis of cancer genes.

Both groups included diploid and aneuploid tumors.

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The degree of intratumor heterogeneity was significantly higher in aneuploid versus diploid cases, and so were gains of the oncogenes MYC and ZNF Significantly more copy number alterations were observed in the group with poor outcome. Almost all tumors in the group with long survival were classified as luminal A, whereas triple-negative tumors predominantly occurred in the short survival group. Mutations in PIK3CA were more common in the group with good outcome, whereas TP53 mutations were more frequent in patients with poor outcomes.