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I cannot say for sure what the attraction others had to the Rottweiler when first encountered, however for me, it was his raw masculine appeal, his unique head and the impressive musculature and power he exuded. From his appearance, one could easily understand that this was a serious dog! Not alone in this view, many other Rottweiler aficionados have recognized this hallmark of the breed and expressed a single bone rottweiler perspective as well.

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Surely, his breed type is what makes the Rottweiler unique. The Germans understood the Rottweilers distinction when they came together to codify the standard at Heidelburg, Germany in They were deliberate when articulating and fixing the appearance of the German Rottweiler, which is why the standard uses detailed language in its description of this essential aspect of breed type.

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The standard was modified sincebut the general appearance of the Rottweiler has not. No other words have such repetition when describing the details.

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One must look carefully to find this trait; the breed has lost its distinction. On the street, we encounter Rottweilers that are a poor representation of once was. To the knowledgeable, these Rottweilers appear to be a mix breeding, although they are not.

The powerful bone substance and definitive masculinity of the Rottweiler we once apprized is now hard to find. Replacing these traits are pinheads, fine bones, distilled facsimiles. Not only is breed type on the decline, so is correct working Rottweiler temperament. Few Rottweilers in the show-ring and outside it could make the transition from that to the working arena.

To the unknowledgeable, they appear to be correct! In the show-ring, this problem has crossed the boundaries.

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One should expect poor examples of the breed on the street since they are comprised of non-show dogs. However, the show ring should be the exception.

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Presently, many exhibits share the same problem of their street cousins and are only a notch or two above. Many exhibits that enter the show-ring are constructed well but are also as weak in substance, spindly in bones and musculature as their pet counterparts are.

A strong masculine dog or powerful bitch seems strange among exhibits with spindly frail bodies and Doberman-like heads. To the newbie's and unknowledgeable judges, it is untypical and put at the end of the line.

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What was once correct and typical is now abnormal. WHAT ARE CORRECT BONES AND Single bone rottweiler The standard does not give a numerical value for the appropriate bone mass or muscle, only a verbal guide.

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One should be impressed with the overall appearance for power, muscle and bones. BONE MASS Bones mass should be thick enough in width so that it appears to support the frame of the dog in a substantial and powerful manner, without being refined, elegant, too massive or grotesque.

If a numerical evaluation for the thickness of the bones is desired, it is measured by using a tape measure and wrapping it around the circumference of the pastern. Here is where the least amount of skin, muscle and tendon can be found. Correct bone mass is correlated to the height.