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Plans for a new Berlin Airport[ edit ] A view of the apron of Berlin Schönefeld Airport Map showing the infrastructure of the Schönefeld area and the relationship between the new and old airports After the fall of the Berlin Wall inand following German reunification inBerlin once again became the German federal capital; leaders made plans to recognise the city's increased importance by constructing a large commercial airport.

Existing airports Tegel AirportSchönefeld Airport and Tempelhof Airport were ageing and becoming increasingly congested due to rising passenger numbers.

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To ensure the economic viability of the project, they pursued the single airport concept, meaning that the new airport would become the sole commercial airport for Berlin and Brandenburg.

They planned to close Tegel, Schönefeld and Tempelhof upon opening the new airport, then ban commercial aviation from any other airport in Brandenburg. On 2 Maythe Berlin Brandenburg Flughafen Holding GmbH BBF was founded, owned by the states of Berlin and Brandenburg 37 per cent each and the Federal Republic of Germany the remaining 26 per cent.

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Eberhard DiepgenMayor of Berlin, became the first chairman of the supervisory board. The holding company announced on 20 June that Sperenberg AirfieldJüterbog Airfield and the area south of Schönefeld Airport, where the evaluation of the locations Sperenberg, Jüterbog East, Jüterbog West, Tietzow, Michelsdorf, Borkheide and Schönefeld South was carried out according to five criteria with different weighting. Each site was advocated by various factions in the ensuing political discussion. Economic considerations favoured an airport located near the city center, with existing road and rail links as it is the case with Schönefeld.

This so-called consensus decision was later affirmed by the respective state legislatures.

Failed privatisation[ edit ] Originally, BBF hoped the new airport would be owned and operated by a private investor. They called for proposals, which led to two bidding consortia emerging as serious contenders.

One was led by Hochtief through its Hochtief Airport subsidiary and included ABBFraport and Bankengesellschaft Berlin as partners. On fragen für kennenlernen SeptemberBBF announced that the Hochtief consortium were the successful bidder.

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This saw them granted exclusive authority to negotiate the terms and conditions for an acquisition of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport holding and the construction and operation of the new airport for 50 years. The Brandenburg Oberlandesgericht acknowledged the concerns voiced by IVG. In its review, it found that in certain points the assessment of the applications had been biased towards Hochtief. This led to annulment of the contract award on 3 August of that year.

The board determined that the proposal would not be practical and voted 22 May to scrap the privatisation plan. Public ownership and construction permit[ edit ] The new Berlin airport would be planned, owned and operated by BBF Holding. Shortly afterwards BBF Holding became Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH FBB and remained under the ownership of Berlin, Brandenburg and the federal government. On 13 Augustthe Brandenburg state ministry for infrastructure and regional policy granted approval for the development of Schönefeld Airport into new Berlin Brandenburg International Airport.

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The dispute ended 16 Marchwhen the Federal Administrative Court of Germany rejected the residents' arguments. However, the court imposed stipulations on the flight operations at the new airport. As ofthe series of delays in opening was expected to lead to a number of lawsuits against FBB with now defunct Air Berlin announcing its intentions of such a move.

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The main purpose of the many stores planned at the airport was to serve passengers who were changing planes, assuming that Berlin would be a big international hub. However, it was acknowledged in for the first time that competition between the hubs was already too stiff.

Frankfurt Airport and London Heathrow would single taken living meme losing passenger shares without a price war and that few if any airlines would leave their hubs for Berlin.

The only remaining potential airline for operating a hub was Air Berlin, which was in financial difficulties and did not plan to provide long-distance service anytime soon. This led the BER boss to retaliate publicly against the comptroller on 27 February decrying the release of the numbers. See also: Federal Administrative Court of Germany. The key directive of the verdict was that rooms must be provided with adequate ventilation if windows are closed due to noise, and the airport single taken living meme must also determine how air inside the single taken living meme can be vented.

The airport avoided liability claims against Imtech and other firms involved in the construction of the fire exhaustion system. If the request was denied, the airport authority stated it would be bankrupt by August The German federal government and the states of Berlin and Brandenburg guaranteed the debt.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport

The financial auditors for FBB were the same as for the now insolvent Wirecard company, raising doubts about the validity of the audits. During much of the planning and construction phase the new airport was known as Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, abbreviated BBI.

It was then discovered that the IATA code BBI already referred to Biju Patnaik Airport also known as Bhubaneswar Airport in India.

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When the planned opening date of 2 June drew nearer the FBB launched a marketing campaign introducing the BER branding, reflecting the new airport code. Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit and Minister-President of Brandenburg Matthias Platzeckboth members of the Social Democratic Party of Germany SPD which Brandt led from to led the effort to add Brandt's name to the airport. Other suggested honorees included Claus Schenk Graf von StauffenbergAlbert Einstein and Marlene Dietrich suggested by members of the Christian Democratic UnionGustav Stresemann nominated by the Free Democratic Partyand Otto Lilienthal advocated by the Green Party.

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This is due to concerns that an ongoing association might be considered disrespectful towards his legacy. However, no such measure has been taken so far. The most significant cause for the continuing delays was the fire protection and alarm system.

single taken living meme

In the terminal building, the system was not built according to the construction permit and failed the mandatory acceptance test necessary to open the airport. FBB proposed an interim solution employing up to human fire spotters, which the building supervision department of the local Dahme-Spreewald district rejected.

The system automatically controls sprinklers, smoke extractors and fire doors. During a fire, smoke would be pumped stade leute kennenlernen the ceiling into a shaft running down and through the basement below the structure. Achieving this on the scale necessary for this airport is a unique undertaking and so far this elaborate smoke extraction system has not worked as planned.

While his business cards stated he was an engineer, he was actually qualified as an engineering draughtsman. In the termination notice, the company cited "serious defects" in his work and that trust in their relationship was "now finally shattered".

The airport company went on to state that Di Mauro's plans would be "disposed of". The system was to be rebuilt and divided into three areas in order to make it "manageable".

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The cost of this work was reported as being a nine-digit figure.