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Uni mannheim exam dates

uni mannheim exam dates

Examinations Exams Find out more about exams in the introductory phase and the specialization phase as well as about exam regulations. Depending on your track of study, you must take either three or four modules during the introductory phase of your program. Examination Dates Usually, examinations are taken during the examination period at the end of the semester see our academic calendar for more details.

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Core modules may also include mid-term exams. If you are taking the Economic Research preparatory courses, completion of module E Mathematics for Economists is uni mannheim exam dates in order for you to take other modules during the introductory phase.

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Module E Mathematics for Economists is scheduled for the first four weeks of the semester, with the examination taking place in early October. The other modules in this combination begin once this exam has been taken.

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Exam Registration You will automatically be registered for fitnessstudio flirten module examinations that take place during the introductory phase. You cannot withdraw from these examinations.

uni mannheim exam dates

Re-sit Examinations If you fail a module examination during the introductory phase, you will automatically be registered to retake it on the next available examination date second attempt. A third attempt at an examination is only possible for one module during the introductory phase.

uni mannheim exam dates

If you passed an examination but are unhappy with the grade, you may re-sit one examination of your choice during this phase. In such a case, you must register for the examination by contacting the Student Services office. The better of the two grades will then count towards your grade average.

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The specialization phase of your program begins in the second semester. Examination Dates Written examinations are taken during the examination period at the end of the semester.

uni mannheim exam dates

You may have to complete other assignments that count towards your grade, such as presentations or term papers, during the semester. Elective modules may include mid-term exams. Exam Registration You must register for your exams within the official registration periods. Please note that an examination can be any task that you have to complete to receive credits for a module.

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This means that you still have to register for an examination if you are partnervermittlung geistig behinderte a presentation, handing in a term paper, or completing another assignment for a course.

In order to prevent overlaps in the exam schedule, it is very important that you register during the official registration periods.

uni mannheim exam dates

If you register late, we cannot guarantee that your examinations will not overlap. Unexcused and Excused Absences If you do not attend an examination you are registered for unexcused absenceyou will fail the exam.

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If you are sick and therefore cannot take an examination, you are required to submit an application for de-registration and a medical certificate to the Student Services without delay excused absence. If you do not submit these documents immediately, you will fail the exam.

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Re-sit Examinations You cannot re-sit exams in elective modules. If you fail an elective module, you need to take another module with a different module number in the next semester. For more information, please read uni mannheim exam dates Examination Regulations for your program.

uni mannheim exam dates